Monet Jones – Novelist, Writer, Lover of birds, animals, and nature

MONET JONES- Novelist, Writer, Lover of birds, animals, and nature

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TRACE’S PLACE continues the adventure begun in CAPTIVE YOUTH. Set in the South, this story transports one back to a tumultuous time in U.S. history.
After surviving several assaults rescuing a girl from slavery, Trace and his best friend, Keith, think all the traffickers are dead. They return home and resume their bucolic lifestyle, hoping to forget all that happened; except the girls. Trace is involved with the redhead, and Keith is in love with the rescued Mexican girl.
However, Bonita, the enforcer for the trafficking ring, isn’t dead. Shot and sorely injured, she still lives. While eluding the FBI in her weakened condition, she is captured and enslaved by a backwoodsman. Though suffering agony and indignities, her passion for revenge enables her to persist. The girl who shot her and all who hurt her will pay. There will be a reckoning.
Trace, the son of a black mother, learns he is working for the widow of his white father. When the widow falls ill, her nurse enters and complicates Trace’s life.
After months of recovery, Bonita regains her strength and fighting skills but can’t speak. Dressed as a black man, she kidnaps the girl who shot her. Trace must once again battle the enforcer to rescue the redhead.


What would one call a place whose residents live in egalitarian harmony, benefit from the most advanced technology in the galaxy, and claim to sense the Holy One’s Presence? The people who live there call it REHOBOTH.

Now available in paperback or eBook.

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Set in the South of the turbulent sixties, Captive Youth is an action/ adventure young adult novel.

Keith—raised as a Christian gentleman—must examine his values as he and two teenage friends try to rescue a Mexican girl from a human trafficking ring. Their attempt brings the wrath of the merciless enforcer, Bonita, upon them. Helping each other provides their only means of escape.

Now available for purchase at Amazon.

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The sharing of thoughts, dreams, and experiences, through the written word is truly a divine gift. As water cascading down a mountain stream provides beauty to the observer, and smoothing to the rock’s rough edges. So too, the written word enhances both the reader and writer. Monet

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