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 Monet is the president of South Carolina Writers’ Workshop Columbia III chapter workshop.

He is the author of the novel, REHOBOTH, an adventure story of the future. His second novel; a young adult thriller, CAPTIVE YOUTH, is in final editing. He is currently writing SELAH, the sequel to REHOBOTH. Monet is retired from teaching Computer Electronics in Richland School District Two and now writes and helps writers full time.

He lives with his wife, Kathy, in the small town of Elgin SC, near Columbia. His wife recently retired from a career in accounting. The two of them usually hike with their dog, Max, on a two-mile trail near their home each morning.
Max is a toy poodle and Monet’s constant companion, unless Hannah, their granddaughter is visiting: then Max belongs to her. Their cat Annabelle, more commonly known as “Mow Mow”, makes an appearance on the walking trail or in the home, whenever the notion strikes her. Both pets have been the inspiration for several stories. (See Short Stories)

Monet’s favorite activities, other than writing, include reading, hiking, feeding the birds that cluster to his back yard, singing in the church choir, and helping his wife and son Nicolas with the planting and harvesting of their vegetable garden.

Monet can be contacted by email at monet

glam navy 1963 Fifty years ago, I was aboard the submarine USS Tirante SS420, docked in Key West, Florida. I had topside guard duty that day and was discreetly listening to music from a local station on a small transistor radio sitting on a ledge of the conning tower.
Suddenly, that little radio became the most important electronic device on the boat. It was broadcasting the news that someone had shot the President. A small crowd gathered, and within an hour, we heard the sad news that John F. Kennedy had been assassinated. Following orders, I lowered the flag to half-staff and made the log entry that our commander-in-chief had been killed. I’ll never forget that day.

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