A Wren Before Breakfast


 This morning, as I stood at the kitchen sink washing the apple and banana I planned to eat for breakfast, a Carolina Wren flew up and perched on the backdoor handrail. Only a few feet from me, it looked over the porch and surrounding area before flying off.

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Write Right

“Let me tell you something,” my cousin Kenny-bug was fond of saying. “A Jones might not always be right, but he ain’t never wrong.”

A Young Adult Thriller

I’ve thought back on that saying many times in recent years. While this modification of a quote attributed to Samuel Goldwyn seems simplistic, an examination of it yields a rather profound concept. For many people, criticism is simply not acceptable. While intellectually, one might profess to desire constructive criticism. One defines “constructive” in an extremely narrow context.

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SC Writers’ Workshop

Our new website is now active and you are encouraged to sign-up for our October Writers’ conference in the Myrtle Beach Hilton. Check it out here: myscww.org

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Columbia III Writers’ Workshop

At the Cola III workshop last night 6/12/12, we had four readings from novels in progress and major discussions about editors and editing. Three of our members plan to attend the workshop intensive in Rock Hill this Saturday.

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Garden Time

Gardening is such a blessing. We’ve already harvested and eaten potatoes, carrots, onions, lettuce, cucumbers, and beans.
Last week we canned five quarts of pickles. Today we canned five quarts of beans. I look forward to enjoying the bounty of the garden this winter.

Each year a new baby rabbit finds a home near our garden. We always name him Petey. This is Petey number four or five.

Petey the garden rabbit

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