Winter storm Pax

 Winter storm PAXRain, sleet, snow, and now freezing rain, but thankfully we still have electricity. Day three of winter storm Pax. We usually have genteel snows here in South Carolina; in and out in three days. This is getting ridiculous.

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Snow day

DSC02831We got a nice snowfall here in Elgin SC, last night. That means school, business, and everything else is cancelled. Good day for writing.

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Encouraging! A fellow author shared that he had finished CAPTIVE YOUTH. Good book, wild ride and fascinating were his comments. I’ve also received several requests for its sequel. I hope to have it ready by late 2014.

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After two months of activity, I finally have more than 2000 followers on Twitter.

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Book signing

CapYo front cover

I plan to attend a book signing for Captive Youth in the main library, Columbia, SC this Saturday, 12/07/13. Hope to see you there.

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Captive Youth cover

Captive Youth cover

Today, I wrote nothing, except a twitter and Facebook posting, neither of which count. I’m waiting for comments from my beta readers before final editing and publication of Captive Youth.

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CapYo cover01/02/2013

When Amazon reduced the price of a Kindle Fire to $129 after Thanksgiving, I felt I had to act. I purchased one and really like it. An unadvertised feature has proven to be my favorite. Whenever I write a new chapter, I send a copy to my Kindle email account and receive a conversion readable on my Kindle in a few minutes. The text-to-speech feature on the Fire allows me to listen to my writing. I’ve found many mistakes by listening rather than reading. Try it, it’s a great help for self-editing.

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I Write

rocks by a mountain stream

I like being alone and unbothered, except when I don’t

I often ask peculiar questions

I love to observe nature and wildlife

I find names, particularly unique spellings, interesting

I spend lots of time staring at computer screens, walls, and floors

I constantly search for intelligent extroverts

I love meeting new people

I love learning

I am organized; there may be clutter in the area around me

I love to read

I often get up in the middle of the night to write

I abhor commercial television

I think fashion is for other people

I prefer comfort to style

I think music’s place is in the background

I think

I’m a writer

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True to Your Reader

Monet on the beach at sunrise

Last night in our writers’ workshop, we heard and critiqued four extended readings. We discussed head hopping, filtering, and show-don’t-tell. Our extended discussion concerned “being true to your reader.” Considering the common speaking style of most Southerners, do we do an injustice when we clean up the grammar? Should we “tell it like it is” or “tell it as we wish it were?” What’s your opinion?

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Hawk with Snake


Hawk with Snake

This red-tailed hawk had just caught a black snake and was unwilling to give it up even though I was near. She finally flew off with it when I got too close. However, the snake was too heavy and she couldn’t reach treetop height. She dropped back to earth several yards away in denser woods. I didn’t pursue her, hopefully she enjoyed her meal.

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