Write Right

“Let me tell you something,” my cousin Kenny-bug was fond of saying. “A Jones might not always be right, but he ain’t never wrong.”

A Young Adult Thriller

I’ve thought back on that saying many times in recent years. While this modification of a quote attributed to Samuel Goldwyn seems simplistic, an examination of it yields a rather profound concept. For many people, criticism is simply not acceptable. While intellectually, one might profess to desire constructive criticism. One defines “constructive” in an extremely narrow context.

I’m currently in the midst of a copy edit review of my second novel, CAPTIVE YOUTH. It is an agonizing process. While I freely admit the book will be better when I’ve finished editing. The process of changing what I’ve written to make it more readable is difficult.

Many of you who might read this can empathize with me, but most would say, “Get over it.” I share this to let other writers know they’re not alone. We will be stronger for having written better.

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